From the Panchakula Ratha Yatra, Kadamba Kanana Maharaja headed to the ISKCON temple in Dehli. On his way he gave a home program at Patiala. He sang beautiful bhajanas and gave a lecture, establishing the sweetness of Krsna. After prasadam he again hit the road to Dehli.

Arriving there late, Maharaja still decided to take part in a program centered around book distribution at an auditorium in the temple area. He gave a short talk in Hindi and finished off by distributing around 50 of Srila Prabhupada’s Bhagavad Gitas, straight from the Vyasasana.

The next morning than, after taking part in the darsana arati, greeting the local deities called Sri Sri Radha-Partha Sarathi, Maharaja went off to catch his flight back to South Africa

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