By Sudha Mehta

Some few days back, I read a newspaper article on Higgs Boson. Higgs Boson is considered to be the missing puzzle in the jigsaw puzzle of the Big bang theory. Million and billions are spent on discovering the same, and many scientists have discovered this and proving that the Big bang theory is a fact and a mission of their life. Having read about this and related article, I have just compiled a poem. Hope it is in line with regulations of the blog. Here it goes. My name is Mrs Sudha Mehta, and I live in Bosnia with my 8 year old daughter.

Physicists hunt for Higgs Boson

To prove that universe was created with smashing of photon

They say smashing and bang happened for no reason

And matter turned into mass and spirit without reason

Life cannot spring out of matter

Even a child knows this better

Can inanimate particles collide and make life?

How silly to spends billions behind this obstinate rife

Just accept with humility that the creator has a purpose for creating one and all

How can the universe run systematically without control?

He is the controller and we are his tool

Let’s try to understand his hidden message and not be a fool

As man tries desperately to load over the nature

His illusion deepens and he is lost forever

Higgs boson is sending all on wild goose chase

Oh Krsna! How to save this human race

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