(Kadamba Kanana Swami Govinda Valley, Australia, 2011) Lecture – S.B.3.25.27

You can just see how we have formed habits. It is not on the TV these days but rather the phone. My god here we are on the phone again…..how much energy goes on the phone? Playing on the phone and making calls on there. So the phone is another thing or the internet – searching or looking as a guide or on the mail. If you are not on the TV than you are on the computer! And everyone knows why the TV is being used. TV is there for when you are zombied out and you can sit there and be totally passive…and let it come over you. Okay, go ahead but look at something Krishna Conscious if you can.

The TV has been designed as part of a culture, which is meant to help you not think…and don’t think. So you can also listen to a lecture and do something that is Krishna Conscious. So this is kind of voidism, where you like to make everything void. There are lots of nice videos that you can watch, such as Prabhupada’s videos. You can invest in those things and make a whole collection. You can watch Prabhupada’s videos many many times, no problem. Every night you can watch the same one….there is no loss! Just like that you can start collecting KC videos and get rid of the antennae!

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