(Kadamba Kanana Swami Govinda Valley, Austrailia, 2011) Lecture – S.B.3.25.27

We have get sober. It’s just like driving on the highway, and the music is playing…nice and gentle music and you are doing 140 km, and you are driving at a good speed, and it is all sweet and rosy………you kind of get into the illusion that it is very comfy there. You are very comfortable and it is nice in the car on a good soft seat.

But we forget that you are racing with what Prabhupada calls, ‘Neck braking speed’ over the road and you are sitting behind one metre away from an explosive motor which is at high temperature and is a highly explosive stuff! All the time it is getting hotter and hotter…… you are sitting very close to it form the nice little dashboard which looks very cool, and the whole thing creates an illusion of security.

So one has to be sober behind the wheel…and you get all kinds of signs from the cops to sober people up. Get out of the bubble and realise the serious risk that is there! Where at any moment it can suddenly turnaround with screaming rubber and steel!! With glass everywhere!! And if you have seen accidents then it gets intense!

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