(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 30th Dec 2011, Munich, Germany) Lecture: Caitanya-caritāmṛta Adi 9-48

Our modern culture is designed to impress – where one is trying to impress another, which is what’s it all about. Just like America who for a long time has been trying to impress the world. One of the things about America is their skyscrapers, and these incredible buildings are very very high. Well what is the reason for having these skyscrapers? Which is what I was thinking about. One might say that:

“Maybe there is not enough land”.

That is not the case since they have a lot of land…. actually a lot of vacant land. So they could possibly spread out the city a bit more. So why then is there such high skyscrapers? Just to show the power of America, that they can build buildings, which are so high that they cannot logically stand! They should logically fall over, but still they stand:

‘We can practically do things that are supernatural! Just see our greatness!’

So all of that is done to impress others: clothes are meant to impress others; everything is meant to impress others – education and all of the society is set up for that purpose. In other words:

‘To establish our greatness to others.’

Everything is part of that, but in a devotional culture, everything becomes an expression of bhakti, which is meant for satisfying the Supreme Lord. Of course, in the beginning stages, there may also be those who are practising bhakti and are trying to impress others, but gradually that becomes purified to a point where they say:

“No, who am I? I am not very significant. How important is my life on this planet? Am I going to make a huge difference on this land?”

Even famous personalities, did they make such a difference? Did Einstein really make such a big difference? At one point he was very important but then after some time, everyone forgets!

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