From the ecstatic festival on the Nrsimha farm near Passau, Kadamba Kanana Maharaja boarded the Leipzig Sankirtana van to drive over 400 km up North to the Leipzig temple. Maharaja stayed there for a week to rest, to write and inspire the local devotees through some kirtanas and classes.

On Thurdsay night he presented the slideshow of the Bangladesh parikrama depicting the various places and pastimes that we toured.

The stay concluded with the Sunday Feast program where Maharaja led an amazing bhajana (which you can download here) followed by a talk about Vrindavana. In the talk he explained that real meditation is not about emptying out the mind but rather about filling it with remembrance of Krsna, His pastimes and of course the Holy Dhama.

Now Maharaja is currently in Berlin, Germany’s capital city. He is giving the morning and evening classes daily here, which you can view on youtube. (Unfortunately the lectures are mostly in German).

If you cannot view the slide show, please visit flickr.



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