During the last week, Kadamba Kanana Maharaja stayed in the Jagannatha Mandir in Berlin. The main purpose of the stay was to record the soundtrack for the movie based on the Bangladesh tour which is currently being produced. Besides that, Maharaja also gave the daily morning and evening classes which are available on youtube. Unfortunately there is only one class in English.

On one of the days, Maharaja visited the Veda Academy, a little castle in Kränzlin which is a relatively unknown village an hour away from Berlin. There, we were entertained by a wonderful theatre play depicting how Mrigari the hunter was transformed into a sadhu by Narada Muni. After the play, Maharaja gave a beautiful talk entitled Sacred Space which was based on a book of the same title that he is currently writing.

Over the weekend, at the weekly Saturday feast, Maharaja started with a powerful Bhajana, and followed with a lecture where he talked about his first interactions with ISKCON. He concluded the talk by emphasizing the importance of having faith in the vaishnavas. The program ended with an amazing Gaura Arati and of course wonderful Jagannatha Maha Prasadam.

If you cannot view the slide show, visit flickr.

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    Thank you for always uploading the wonderful pictures 🙂 Hare Krishna