From the Berlin Saturday feast Maharaja left to Radhadesh early the next morning.

On his way he stopped in Cologne to attend the Sunday feast there. He once again rocked the crowd with amazing and powerful bhajanas and gave a nice lecture describing how material nature is not able to satisfy us but how actual satisfaction is only found in Krsna.

After the program he drove straight to Belgium and in the late evening arrived in Radhadesh. There he was teaching a one week course on the Caitanya Caritamrita for the college students and he also was giving the Bhagavatam classes on some days (you can find these classes on the Radhadesh homepage).

Now Maharaja will take a one week break to continue with his writing of books until next weekend where he is going to take part in the yearly Radhadesh Mellows, a weekend full of ecstatic Bhajanas.

Enfoy the pictures!

If you cannot view the slide show, please visit flickr!

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