(Kadamba Kanana Maharaja, 5 January 2012, Japa Talks)

We come to Krsna with conviction and doubt also, but we had enough of the material world and are determined, we shall chant! We think, I will do it, what is this pride, are we the doer. When chanting is not based on pure love, then it is austerity, over time the weight of austerity increases.

So after time we stand before Krsna praying, that’s all there will be left. Then humility means admitting that we are bringing nothing of value, and that even to chant we depend on Krsna’s mercy “My dear Lord, please me merciful un to me, I have no taste for this chanting, how can I go on? I am praying, please grant me a drop of love for serving your lotus feet.”

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