(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Mayapur, November 2011) Lecture – Caitanya-caritamrta part 6

One may look at mundane movies and where there is a scene, which is a little bit too much, then one would say:

“I’m not watching those. I am really not affect by that. They don’t affect me…It doesn’t do anything to me”.

They create seeds and will go out somewhere else… later on. So one must be careful about these seed principle……………..in the same way one may study the mayavadi literature just to get some arguments to defeat it! Then there is an element of becoming a mayavadi, but later on they may become one. There is an example of some devotees who did exactly that and later on they did become mayavads.

So the vaisnavas should just fill their time with Krishna, and basically fight with other things, like for example mundane movies – to fight with these things when it is so hard to resist, which basically means that we are not sufficiently preoccupied with Krishna conscious activities! Because if one is sufficiently engaged, then there is no time for such things. See so that is not an issue, but it means that our devotional life and our cultivation are meagre – we haven’t sufficiently filled our life with Krishna and that is actually the case of many.

Of course, in many of us there is some Krishna within our life, but we should really add a lot more! There maybe unavoidable issues like work, where it may be a little difficult to always be preoccupied with Krishna, although some devotees do it very well. I know someone who translated books for BBT at work, which were quite a number of books, but not everyone can get away with things like that. But we are not speaking about work, but the rest of the time, when we could fill it with hearing about Krishna more, and remembering about Krishna more, and a then automatically all the other things will disappear!

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