(Kadamba Kanana Maharaja, 17 January 2012, Radhadesh) Krsna is all attractive and somehow or other we must have the conviction that if we associate with Krsna, then even we are going to become attracted one day. Although so far we are not so much attracted, only a little, but it’s going to happen, inevitably so. One can’t get around it. If we just spend a little time with Krsna, attraction will automatically develop. This is a crucial point because here we see that it happens on its own and not that we have to somehow or other do it and force this feeling, give birth to this feeling of attraction to Krsna…no, it just automatically appears if we simply render service, if we simply become part of sankirtana or of glorifying Krsna- either by speaking, either by singing, either by making arrangement for Krsna’s worship…it’s all part of glorifying Krsna.

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