“The holy name was bouncing of the walls continuously. At night it continued in our dreams and at times I woke up and just started kirtana. It bounced against the wall of our false ego, making cracks and gradually breaking it. In the Caitanya Bhagavata it is described how Lord Nityananda engaged a group of young boys for one month in continuous kirtana. They didn’t even stop to eat or sleep and at the end the boys in their ecstasy ripped entire trees out of the ground. During the Kirtana Mela, sometimes the kirtanas were wild and intense, other times mellow and meditative, an ocean of so many rasas, so many different types of taste. Some danced the whole week….”
Kadamba Kanana Maharaja, “First Kirtan Mela- 2011”

From the 22nd – 25th of February, the second Kirtan Mela which is being organised by Sacinandana Maharaja, will take place Sri Dhama Mayapur, India!

Even though Kadamba Kanana Maharaja initially planned to take part in the Kirtana Mela, he has now decided not to do so.

Still, for all the devotees who are attending, we wish a lot of inspiration and taste for chanting the holy name.

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