(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 30th Dec 2011, Munich, Germany) Lecture: Caitanya-caritāmṛta Adi 9-48

There is a story about a beggar. Once this beggar who was somewhere in India, was hungry and decided to go to the temple, because there are always pilgrims and someone might give him something to eat. But he felt extremely weak and hungry that day! So when he was in the temple, he started leaning against a pillar. At one point he just wrapped his arms around this pillar, and was hanging onto it. One man who came in, saw the beggar and thought:

“It looks like this beggar is in a very bad way!”

So he said to the beggar:

“I have something for you!”

In his bag he had some puffed rice. The beggar who was holding onto the column, said:

“Just put it in my hands.”

So he had puffed rice in his hands. So how was he going to eat it? He can’t get it from around the column, and to drop it on the ground will only make it dirty. He couldn’t eat it because he was holding onto the pillar with his arms.

So in a same way if we hold on to so many material things (and have that pillar in our arms) then how can we relish the taste of bhakti? We cannot get to it. So if we let go of the pillar, then very quickly…..so we have to let go!

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