(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Mayapur, November 2011) Lecture – Caitanya-caritamrta part 7

In South Africa one of our leading devotees, who was the head of the BBT. He used to be a Christian activist. He used to go around, putting brochures in people’s hand. When he saw the devotees he thought:

“ Let me go and save those guys!”

So he went to the harinama party, and stood there with this brochure and was trying to give it to someone, but everyone was involved in the kirtan, and therefore no one was taking it. Until finally one of them said:

“Oh, we’ve only to take that? Okay I will take it”.

And he walked away.

“I saved him! I saved him!”

But when he got home, he was thinking:

“They looked really happy, did those guys!”

And it impressed him so much that he actually went to the temple and became a devotee, and now he is a big leader in South Africa!

1st Devotee: I know a Prabhu who used to be a roller skater in Denmark, and had an attitude, within the roller skaters and the skateboarders’ environment. Every time he saw the harinama party come by, then he would throw things at them, such as food, rocks and whatever he could find. And he is now living here in Mayapur!

2nd Devotee: There was a lawyer named Mahaprabhu, who lived in Chowpatty, and had joined the movement around in 1978. He was a gṛhastha and had another job. For some reason or other, he was involved in a case, and someone wanted him killed. So that person had hired a hit man, to go and kill Mahaprabhu. So this hit man came to the Chowpatty temple to kill Mahaprabhu. He came to the temple and found the devotees to be so overwhelmingly friendly and nice that he too became a devotee!

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