(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Mayapur, November 2011) Lecture – Caitanya-caritamrta part 7

So if anyone has a story, then please tell us. I have one also. There was a hells angel, who was the king of hells angels. His name was Peter and he had a big motorbike. He wore a German army helmet and underneath it his face was covered with a black cloth with two holes for the eyes with red rings around it. The letter ‘Jack’, with ‘Lord to spare’ were on his back. He was a huge big guy, and somehow or other met the devotees (as they were travelling on sankirtan) and they gave him some cheese sabji. And he like the cheese sabji…boy did he like the cheese sabji.

After that they came past a few times in the area and each time they met him, he said:

“Cheese sabji!!”

So they had to cook cheese subhji for him. One day we heard a sound in Amsterdam, and it was a motorbike coming into the street. It was incredibly fast and terribly loud, which stopped in front of our door. When the door was opened, there was this hells angel in a German helmet, with everything on, including the black mask, and he said:

“Cheese sabji!!”

And we understood! We didn’t know who he was, but we gave him cheese sabji. So from that time on he sort of became a devotee, but he stayed as a hells angel. So one time we were on harinama and he was sort of following behind. We were going across the street, and were just crossing the street, when there was a car there (the driver in that car was really aggressive) which was trying to drive into us! Out of nowhere, suddenly this hells angel flies into the sky and with his big metal boots he walked over there towards the car, by making noises….’crack…crack…. crack’ and jumped up on the other side and gave that guy a look, who became totally quiet – that was devotional service!

It wasn’t that long but later he died. But I will always remember Peter for having done that devotional service.

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