(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Mayapur, November 2011) Lecture – Caitanya-caritamrta part 7

Devotee: In Fiji, when the temple opened in Sigatoka, just over the fence, maybe four or five metres away from a house that was owned by a big businessman. When the temple’s kirtans got going, he’d get very disturbed. So he started a court case to have the temple closed down and move out of the residential area. So the battle at the court was going on for a few months. One day his Christian friend said:

“Let’s go to a lecture by the Hare Krishnas. I want to find out what their philosophy is, because people are always telling me that the Hare Krishnas know the answers to everything. So let’s go!”

So this businessman went with his friend, and Tamal Krishna Maharaja was lecturing. So he put up his hand and asked a question, and Tamal Krishna Maharaja said:

“Come and see me tomorrow at the temple.”

So he came the next day, and was very patient and well behaved. He waited for a long time and finally got to see him, and after asking him the question, Tamal Krishna Maharaja said:

“Oh, I know who you are. You’re our next door neighbour, who is making a court case against us.”

He said:

“Yes, that’s right”

So Tamal Krishna Maharaja said:

“I have a challenge for you. You take these beads and everyday chant sixteen rounds, for three months, and at the end of three months, if you are not feeling differently about the action, then we will move the temple, and it will be closed down. You have my word for it. Otherwise you have to withdraw the case.”

So the businessman was thinking and said:

“Three months is not very long. I will make it six months.”

So for six months he was chanting sixteen rounds. He was doing it secretly and would creep out of the house, jump over the fence and go to the maṅgala-ārati, and chant the sixteen rounds. His family didn’t know anything about this. At the end of the six months they were all surprised that he withdrew the court case. And he became the vice temple president! He was called Nityananda Das and is now the temple president of Dallas!


  1. Hare Krishna Prabhu,


    Thank you for the comments. I apologise for the error, and have made the correction.


  2. Hare Krishna this is a wonderful story but their is an big error at the end. The name is Nityananda Das. I am Nityananda Chandra Das, I serve in the congregation department here and the Dallas temple and Nityananda Das is our temple president.