(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Mayapur, November 2011) Lecture – Caitanya-caritamrta part 7

Karmis generally think that the interaction of fruitive activities can be counteracted by all the karma. In other words if something goes wrong, then by doing something else, you can fix it. That is what the materialistic people are thinking and doing. All the time they are fixing what is broken, and making an adjustment by fixing it. Karmis generally think that the interactions of fruitive activity can be counteracted by other karma or fruitive activity. If one suffers due to his past fruitive activities, then he cannot counteract his suffering by performing auspicious activities.

The suffering of human society cannot be counteracted by material plans. The only way suffering cannot be mitigated is by Krishna Consciousness! So it may be a little bewildering, but I have one example:

Remember the days(at least for those who are grey, old and bold) of when suitcases had no wheels! And you had to carry them in your hands, and you carry them in one hand until your fingers bent, and you couldn’t stretch it anymore. Then you carried it on the other hand, and had to walk one hundred metres. If you were very serious then you carry it on the shoulder. If you had been to India then you would even carry it on the head. Seriously when I came back from India I was proudly carrying the suitcase on my head! In Africa they carry suitcases on their heads.

So the result of karma (when it gets out of hand) is like one of those suitcases which are really heavy, and your fingers are all bent and then you just move it to another place…. and you keep on moving it to another place. In that way by trying to solve problems that have arisen by our material actions, then we are simply moving the problem somewhere else!

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