After his short stay in Munich, Kadamba Kanana Maharaja left to a farm-project near Passau in Germany. This is the place where Lord Nrsimhadeva resides and it is very fittingly called Simhachalam. It’s the venue for the yearly Sankirtana Festival which attracts dedicated Sankirtana devotees from all over Europe to gather. The festival is a celebration of the success of the December book marathon that goes on in the middle of a bitterly cold winter.

Upon arrival at the farm, we were welcomed by half a meter of snow which was a rather sobering experience remembering that we just flew in from hot South Africa. Anyway, it seemed that the colder it was the more fiery the kirtanas became.

Every year, the festival consists of amazing Guru Pujas and Gaura Aratis (brahmacaris going mad dancing in ecstasy), inspiring and fired-up Sankirtana classes (Kadamba Kanana Maharaja told the story of how he was distributing books in hospitals in the old days) and wonderful bhajanas that continued from the evening to Mangala Arati the next morning.

And of course there was Nrsimhadeva! Hour-long abhishek ceremonies, maha-prasadam flying through the temple room, wonderful outfits and lots of prayers to glorify the Lord in His furious form!

All in all, once again it was a wonderful festival and a worthwhile visit!

Can’t view the slide show below? Visit flickr!

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