(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Dec 2011, Sasolburg, Johannesburg, South Africa)

Although nowadays people see me and say:

“Go get a job!”

In other words go and do something useful. Or some say:

“Go and get married. Be normal. Why can’t you be just normal and responsible……….and work…. be a productive citizen. A productive member of society”.

But the truth of the matter is that, I think that my talk makes it clear when I say that spirituality is not some sort of a little thing on the side, but actually it is the very basis of a peaceful, happy and progressive society! Naturally I have chosen for the Vedic tradition, which I am representing. I have tried to speak in an open way, and more towards the common principles that exists in all spiritual traditions, and I have emphasised the value of it. On another occasion, we can talk about the differences, big traditions and what the whole topic is about, because maybe these differences exists here on our level, but maybe not from a divine perspective.

From here there are big differences: ‘ This tradition, that view, that tradition’. But if you look at it from a bigger context than actually from a divine perspective, then we are basically dealing with the same principles that are simply expressed differently in different cultures!

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