(Kadamba Kanana Maharaja, 29 December 2011, Munich, Germany)

Our objective is to purify ourselves.  If we are developing a little bit of humility… humility doesn’t mean that we walk around all day long saying:
“I am so fallen!”
“How fallen am I?”
“Boy, O boy, I am fallen! I am sinful! I am terribly fallen!”

That’s not where humility ends.  That’s a step on the way.  But the next step is, ‘Therefore, I need purification.’  So if one is humble, the next step is to look for purification.  And that is our next step – to look for purification.

One who is not humble will not be able to surrender to all the demands required for purification.  So if we are serious about purification, we must make a real endeavor.

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