(Kadamba Kanana Maharaja, 29 December 2011, Munich, Germany)

Why is the chanting of Krsna’s Name most pleasing to Krsna?  Is it that there is a trace of vanity in His character?  When everyone says “Oh! Krsna! Krsna!” then Krsna says “Yes, more!”  Is that how it is – that Krsna is enjoying the chanting of His Holy Name?

No.  Krsna relates to the chanting in a much deeper way, because the name of Krsna is non-different from Krsna.  Krsna knows very well the potency of His own Name.  He knows that whoever hears that name is lifted up from this deep dense dark ignorance of material existence and awakens to the original state of Krsna Consciousness.

The original state of Krsna Consciousness is not only that one knows, “Oh yes. Krsna is the Supreme Lord. Yes, I accept that!”  That is very rare.  That is most exalted, but more exalted still is to become completely attracted to Krsna, and to not only become attracted to Krsna’s amazing qualities, but to develop through that attraction, a desire to serve Him.  That is the basis of transcendental love – the mood of the residents of the spiritual world and it is Krsna’s desire to reclaim all the living beings.

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