(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Dec 2011, Sasolburg, Johannesburg, South Africa)

All traditional cultures of the world were very God centred societies. The old architectures in the European churches, with a small town around it, as well as a figure of another church. Basically it is a congregation with a church. In India it is temples, temples…temples everywhere! Even in the fields (where the farmer grow grains)there are little temples, and people go to worship in there to ask for blessings on whatever they grow….they don’t just hope that it is going to rain, since they ask for blessings for that to occur.

When this proprietorship of the Supreme Lord is recognised and when His values which are revealed in various scriptures are recognised, then we can see that the world is not only becoming peaceful, but also nature becomes favourable…..then everything becomes prosperous….then the earth will produce ample amount of food grains.

Ultimately the basis for life in this world is grain. Without grain there is no life, because even if one is eating animals – still the animals eat grains, and even those who maintain eating flesh, they also need grains. Grains are essential…so this is a fact!

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