(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, Bhaktivedanta Manor, England, 14th February 2012) Lecture: SB.7.13.5

We may not at all times be inspired about devotional service. We may not always be blissful. Although we know that Krishna Consciousness is the way better way of life. There maybe times when it’s austere. Although we are full of compassion for the conditioned souls, there maybe times for example, in the summer where everyone is sitting on the terrace drinking and having a good time, whilst the devotees are distributing books. We may feel more compassion for ourselves and for them. It can happen. Yes, so weakness will attack at times, as long as we are not constantly absorbed in relishing the worshiping of Krishna! Therefore a strong philosophical basis is required. As Srila Prabhupada said that his complaint was that:

‘My disciples are not reading my books!’

And this is a fact that we are not absorbing ourselves in philosophy – we are not reading these books that much. We didn’t promise it, like sixteen rounds was promised and measurable, but if we don’t read and just say:

‘What can I do? There is just no time.’

And that’s not an argument. That just brings on an argument of:

‘I didn’t make the time to read. I didn’t fight for it.’

Sanatana Goswami is saying that:

‘The Bhagavatam is his constant companion.’

I really like that ‘constant companion.’ Not just:

‘Yes, I’m regularly reading the Bhagavatam.’

But his ‘constant companion.’ He is reading it so much that when he is not reading it then it is completely his meditation. Such an absorption. So it has to be like that. It’s not that it is for the exceptional devotees. I think that in our movement a mood has developed that a lot of things are for the advanced devotees, such as Sanatana Goswami and the Bhagavatam being his constant companion. So no this is actually the normal standard – a safe platform, and everyone who is not on that platform is in a dangerous position!

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