(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Radhadesh, Belgium, January 2012) Lecture: SB 5.18.9

If you look at Iskcon, in terms of its development, it changes very fast. Iskcon goes through very fast changes. I noticed it, sometimes when someone leaves Iskcon, and then writes an article on the state of affairs about Iskcon, and an exposure of what’s wrong. And then when I read the paper I think to myself:

‘It’s out dated! We have already moved on from that. Everybody knows about that. We have moved on.’

But we keep moving on in our search for a way of life. That we have the best philosophy, for which we know, or we are supposed to know, or are suppose to be convinced of.

I admit (right here in front of all of you) that I like bread and cheese, and not so much sabji and puri. What can I do? After, years I finally came to the point, when I realised that bread and cheese works for me! I guess it’s because I am Dutch, or that it can be digested better. If it’s to be sabji and puri, then it has to be a really good sabji and puri, before I get excited about it. So it is like that. It is difficult for us to completely fit into an Indian culture, and therefore we see. For instance, some sit on the floor thinking:

‘I wish I had a chair!’

Rubbing their legs. Some just decide to forget it, and go for a chair…. next the sofa will be in there – for your back! So in this way, we also need a way of life also, and whatever that way of life is, we have to kind of find it!

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