(H H Kadamba Kanana Swami, November 2011, Mayapur) Lecture: Caitanya-caritāmṛta part 10

The Lord is independent in causeless mercy. Another aspect of causeless mercy is that the Lord may give it to someone who is apparently not deserving it. So although in the Bhagavat-gita:

‘ye yathā māṁ prapadyante
tāṁs tathaiva bhajāmy aham.’
(Bg 4.11)

I award everyone accordingly. Apparently people are just getting mercy from the Lord that is not related even to previous karma! One might say:

‘Well, but everyone is getting awarded for their previous activities. So maybe in this life this person didn’t do anything. But maybe he had it coming from the last life.’

No, it’s causeless mercy! Sometimes the Lord may award this mercy even without any initiative from the devotee, which is one reason why it’s causeless. Another reason why it’s causeless is that everyone gets the opportunity. It’s like the opportunity is equally available to everyone regardless of their qualification…………………………………..For the Lord it’s okay that the living entities are advancing and getting closer. It’s when the ‘premā pumartho mahan’ is not complete. As long as there is one soul missing, the ocean is still not complete in its unlimited ecstasy! So even that one living entity has to become part of that ocean. And everyone shares in that ocean – all the other living entities are sharing. Just as we are appreciating to see great spiritual qualities in others. They are inspiring and really like their work, and one of the things in Mayapur is getting the association. There are senior devotees here, and everyone has been coming to the Bhagavatam class for quite a while; there are nice discussions at times with real realizations from the comments, which are quite good! So we are relishing that and we are getting inspiration and strength.

So imagine how in the spiritual world every devotee is being nourished by other devotees in this ‘premā pumartho mahan.’ The love of one devotee is nourished by the love of another one. So vaisnavas nourish one another! So partaking in this whole ocean of transcendental plane is nourishing the ocean of transcendental plane, and if one is not there then Krishna is impatient – He can’t wait!

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