(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Radhadesh, Belgium, January 2012) Lecture: SB 5.18.9

In the Caitanya-candrodaya-nataka, Kavi-karnapura speaks about bhakti and he makes a distinction:

‘There are two types of bhakti: Bhakti with nectar and bhakti without nectar’.

I think it is a good division. One can possibly make a link, such as vaidhi-bhakti and rāgānuga-bhakti. But there is already nectar in vaidhi-bhakti – it’s not completely parallel. Anyway this is interesting, about bhakti with nectar and bhakti without nectar.

Obviously, bhakti without nectar is a very difficult thing, and this is maybe the big challenge that we are facing. The big challenge that we are facing is that we may not straightaway reach Krishna prem…that maybe a little high, but at least to get more taste – to have some bhakti with nectar, instead of bhakti without nectar:

‘We know that it is the best; we know that we should be doing it and that it is very important; we know that if you don’t follow it, then you may have to take another birth, and we don’t want that. Do we? Not we don’t, and we know that if you are serious in spiritual life, and we want to be serious in spiritual life. Don’t we? And with that you go back to Godhead, and we want to go back to Godhead. Don’t we?’

One devotee said:

“But I don’t know anybody there!”

All right, okay. So we are weak in our desires. Our desire is not very strong….our desire to rise to the spiritual platform is not even there. So it’s like:

‘What chance do you have when you know when you don’t really want it? Do you want to be a devotee?’

‘Well, yes.’


We need a little bit more, to somehow develop enthusiasm and really develop the desire………………. The desire to be in Krishna Consciousness just seems to be like the burning question. How to develop the spiritual desire? So how are we going to do it?

It seems to be extremely difficult. There are people who have tried for many years – year in, year out, and then, one day they throw in the towel. Apparently in boxing, if you are in the ring and throw in the towel, then that means that you are giving up! So they give up after a long time….they give up the fight. And even slogans will not help anymore:

‘You know, come on….it’s just one life time. It’s just a few more years!’

No more life left….no more energy, and not more strength to fight! So what about that? And where do we get the desire and the strength to go on? This is all part of the burning question. The answer to the burning question is a little bit simple and probably some of you might feel that it’s too simple! But let me give it anyway.

The answer is that Krishna is the all attractive! Yes I knew that some of you may think that this answer is too simple, but the point is that Krishna is all attractive, and therefore we must have the conviction, that if somehow or other if we associate with Krishna, then even we are going to get attracted one day! Although, so far we are not so much….just a little, but it’s going to happen, inevitably so….one can’t get around it.

If we just spent adequate time with Krishna, then attraction will automatically develop! I think that is a crucial point, because we see that truly it happens on its own! It’s not that we have to do it and force this feeling ….give birth to this feeling of attraction to Krishna. No, it just automatically appears. If we simply render service, and become part of the sankirtan, and of glorifying Krishna,
either by: Singing or speaking; making an arrangement for Krishna’s worship, which is all part of glorifying Krisnhna….by helping to maintain Radhadesh, or planting flowers in the garden…..whatever it is, since it’s all part of glorifying Krishna…It’s Krishna’s garden and so on.

So if we just simply become more preoccupied in that, then we can go over that border – or what I would call through the taste barrier. Planes go through the sound barriers. So devotees need to go through the taste barriers. It’s not easy, but that is the secret!

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