(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, Soho St Temple, London, England, 14th February 2012) Lecture: SB. 10.23.8

Prabhupada used to say:

‘We are not aiming to please the audience. We are aiming to please Krishna.’

But with that it doesn’t mean that we can’t use a little tact and some strategy and so on. We have a lot of rich preaching nowadays. A lot of indirect ways of approaching people…………. stretch your leg, bend your back and touch your toes with your nose and all these kinds of things ……I could lead the hatha yoga session – no problem, and people might like it. So rich preaching is a good way to bring in people, but the only problem with it is that for the first generation who does it, it is like a preaching strategy. For the second generation who grew up with it, it becomes a way of life and there is a risk that at one point we lose our identity.

So with all the indirect ways to approach people we are also going to need some sort of hard core Hare Krishnas……….just to protect the integrity of the sampradāya. So we have to look at it from different sides. But we need a bit more than only the hard core approach – I would like to think so, and Prabhupada was also quite a flexible person. He was ready to live with the hippies and certain elements. You could use hatha yoga, but how long could we do hatha yoga before chanting Hare Krishna? At one point it has to pick up. Otherwise it’s watered down!

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