(H H Kadamba Kanana Swami, 9th February, 2012, Leicester, England) Lecture: SB 1.2.19

I grew up in the Netherlands where it is sort of a place where a few activities are going on, which are not really found in all the scriptures….or not recommended at least! Sometimes they are mentioned as a path to the gateway to hell, but they are not really the recommended activities.

Then again, you get kids in your school who say:

‘Come on…….come on, don’t be a square! You try this?’

And they try to convince you to take drugs! At that point someone might think:

‘Yeah well…..I guess….yes!’

Whereas anybody with a little bit of intelligence can appreciate that these things are bringing only misery! So the modes of ignorance surround us. There are traces of the modes of ignorance within us. At an early age we are being influenced before we can even fully make informed decisions….mature decisions. We are already influenced by our environment!

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