Kadamba Kanana Maharaja spent the last week in the United Kingdom. His first stop was at Bhaktivedanta Manor in London. It was just for a day and Maharaja gave a Srimad Bhagavatam class. To find links to all the classes in England, please click here.

The next day, Maharaja travelled to Leicester where he spent some time working on his book. Over the weekend, he gave morning classes at the local temple. On Saturday, Maharaja was invited by Pradyumna Prabhu (JAS), the temple president of Leicester, to visit the new temple project which is a massive three storey building that was formerly used as a bank. The building measures twice the floor space of Bhaktivedanta Manor and is certainly an eye catcher for the public. In the evening, Maharaja led an ecstatic two hour kirtana which the devotees thoroughly enjoyed.

On Sunday, Maharaja was asked to lay the foundation stone for the Krsna Conscious School that is soon to be established in Leicester. In that ceremony, Maharaja installed Lord Anantadeva to invoke auspiciousness upon the building. Later that day at the Sunday program, Maharaja once again performed an ecstatic one hour kirtana and gave a talk about Ratha Yatra.

On Monday, Maharaja returned to the Manor, again just for a day, and on Tuesday he went to Soho Street Temple in central London. Here he led the Guru Puja ceremony and presented the Srimad Bhagavatam class. On Wednesday he flew back to Amsterdam where he will stay until he leaves to Sweden on Friday.

Two hour kirtana in Leicester (Sa evening)

Sunday feast bhajana in Leicester

If you cannot view the slide show, please visit flickr.

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