(H H Kadamba Kanana Swami, 9th February, 2012, Leicester, England) Lecture: SB 1.2.19

Our true identity remains hidden underneath all these layers of material conditioning. That true identity is not something we cannot access at the present. We have no idea who we really are in the spiritual world. What our eternal identity truly is, since it is hard to say. For that matter a truck driver who is covered with tattoos might be a gopi in the spiritual world! It’s possible, and the ballerina could be a cowherd boy in the spiritual world. Our current situation is not necessarily the same! It’s hard to say….a gorilla may not be a gorilla in the spiritual world.

So therefore in our current condition in devotional service, we are not taking our material desires so seriously. We are observing them and judging them:

‘Are these going to get me into trouble ? Or not? If they are not going to get me into too much trouble, then alright maybe, I’ll pursue them. But if they’ll get me into trouble, no then I will definitely have to give them up.’

That is the practice of devotional service, one has to have that willingness to say:

‘Some of my desires I will forego.’

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