(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Radhadesh, Belgium, January 2012) Lecture: SB. 5.9.4

The nine fold process of devotional service will certainly protect us in two ways. One way is that we will become purified and therefore our material desires will diminish and sense objects will not affect us in the same way. The other aspect devotional service is that it attracts the mercy of the Lord in the direct form of His intervention. The example that may come to mind is Ajāmila, a brahmana who fell down upon seeing the sudra and the prostitute.

We are not brahmanas but sudra-sambhavah (or sudras) and are walking around in a much worse condition than Ajāmila. What Ajāmila saw was kids stuff compared to what we have to see and still somehow or other we are hanging in there! How? Because we are great bhakti yogis? Not exactly, because Lord Caitanya is personally blocking the arrows of cupid and keeping maya out of the way! Basically, He is actively protecting us! So devotional service can attract the active protection of the Supreme Lord!

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  1. jai! SB 11.11.22 and SB 10.2.33
    Guru Maharaja is constantly chanting the glories of the Lord! 🙂