(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Cape Town, SA, 19th Dec 2011) Lecture – SB 7.13.46

The other day we were speaking about the early days, Matchless Gifts and Prabhupada was friends with Dr Misra, from before he came to the ashrama. He took the early Now York devotees to that asharama for a night. They were staying up and it was really like (for a New Yorker)far out. Hayagriva was sleeping outside under the sky outside, and he was seeing stars. In New York you don’t see the sky or the stars, instead you see buildings. He just saw how the sun was rising in the morning, and he started to get poetic:

‘As if the paint was from this pallet, and painted red streaks across the sky’.

And he was explaining to Prabupada who said:

‘Yes, we are not concerned with the beauty of the creation. We are more concerned with the beauty of the creator!’

So that is a fact because the devotee is ultimately seeing behind everything, and that there is an amazing Krishna. This is all just a manifestation of Krishna’s amazing energy, intelligence….Krishna’s amazing plan! Ultimately we appreciate that Krishna is more beautiful than His creations, and that is what you learn from the scriptures!

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