(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Cape Town, SA, 23rd Dec 2011) Lecture – SB 7.14.4

We have to collect spiritual wealth in our spiritual life. We can’t just sit there. Like in the Hitopadeśa:

‘The lion cannot just sleep, and wait for the deer to walk into his mouth. It’s the lion who has to go out there and get it. Get that deer!’

It’s easy for a while, but still you have to run for it. So like that, we have to go after things, and these are the things that support our vows. Therefore, taking vows in it self is nice but not so powerful! It’s really about, what do we do next? What do we do after that? Can we get meaningful? That’s really what will make a very big difference. It’s not like:

‘Okay, I’ve got the initiation, yeah!’

Okay, so you got it, so see what you can do now. How can you make it meaningful? That is very powerful. So this theme with living with vows – I like, and also I once said that, if you the follow the vows and make something of the vows, then they become a great asset! And through them you’ll get great spiritual wealth! But if you don’t follow them, then they will be with you and will be beating your heart, and thinking of it all of time:

‘Bang, bang ….I know I should be….bang, bang……..Oh, no I can’t….I’m a loser….bang, bang….bang!’

But if we make something out of it, then it will be very nice. So spiritual life is like that, since each time there is something to do, to collect spiritual wealth…to be nectar hunters, and go for advance hunting that’ s little interesting, so okay explore it!

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