(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Cape Town, SA, 19th Dec 2011) Lecture – SB 7.13.46

Satsvarupa Maharaja describes how his parents were very upset. He was speaking to them on the phone, with his father who had finally told him:

“Look son, either you give up that Swami or you don’t have to come back home anymore!”

And Steve said to his father:

“Well, dad I guess I’m not coming back home anymore.”

And that was it he never went back home. His father just put it on the line. It’s a choice, you have to make the choice. He made the choice for Prabhupada. It’s saving grace and we can see that, that was a very big choice, which gave him an incredible focus on Prabhupada, where it stayed within throughout.

So some choices have to be made, which have consequences. Making these choices gives us strength to make further choices, and in this way one progresses in spiritual life. Each choice and each commitment that we make gives us the strength to make further commitment…..and then the strength to make further commitment…..and then the strength to make a still greater commitment, which is the only way that it can be done. Therefore, we must start to make commitments in spiritual life.

People who are hesitating about making spiritual commitment, do not progress very much. When they’re around and they get mercy. They keep on coming and undoubtedly they get the mercy, but they are really slow at progressing. A commitment has to be made. One can see that they stay behind after awhile. Then we see that the people who came later – years later and they overtake them! We see this again and again, because they start making commitments. That is something we should do – about making a commitment, then another commitment, and then another one will follow and it never stops, and that is a paramahaṁsa. A paramahaṁsa is a person you find, who has abundance of many commitments to Krishna. His whole life is filled with commitments and he keeps these commitments, and that is how one becomes a paramahaṁsa…………………………..and of course Prabhupada wrote about that. His books are about pure devotional service and making commitments to that……and again and again one hears that. Some people go for it:

‘Well, actually I should try that.’

So this movement has amazing ideals – the ideals to become a pure devotee!

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