(H H Kadamba Kanana Swami, 9th February 2012, Leicester, England) Lecture: SB 1.2.19

The material world is sometimes presented as an educational model – a place where we have to learn a lesson. This life is meant for that purpose. Krishna is trying to teach us in this life. So it’s in that mode that we now are kind of thinking. When one thinks like that, then one can see in the events that are taking place that Krishna is trying to teach us through these events, and one may wonder:

‘What’s He trying to teach me?’

All right and things happen. Sometimes things go wrong, and especially when this happens, we tend to be reflective:

‘Why is thing happening to me? And what am I to learn from this?’

There is no point in going back to previous lives, and trying to find out:

‘What was I? What did I do in my previous life? And maybe I should go under hypnosis.’

Bir Krishna Maharaja did this with a group of devotees in Germany. There were some brahmacaris there, and he told them:

‘You might be surprised that in your last life you were a female!’

And then he said:

‘Look at your feet!’

And this one brahmacari looks at his feet and he had red shoes on and said:

‘Oh my God!’

And then he remembered the whole life, in a female body with the children and the entire family……the whole story came back and all the frustration and hope…..and why it didn’t work out…..the kids didn’t become what they wanted them to become and so on. So what’s behind that life, and behind that life…….and behind that life….and behind all the other lives – there is not end to it. So digging in previous lives is not what is required. It’s just that all these lives have culminated in a quality….we have developed a quality, because of certain behaviour from a previous life, we may for an example developed a quality of pride, and then Krishna (to teach us) may create circumstance to cut down that pride! First you rise to glory and then suddenly ‘bang!’ it’s all gone!

So in this way one has to simply look at the quality:

‘What is Krishna trying to teach me here?’

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