(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Cape Town, SA, 23rd Dec 2011) Lecture – SB 7.14.4

Any standards below the four regulative principles is the standard of when one is suffering. Of course, there is a spiritual life without the four regulative principles, but understanding that one is suffering and therefore, one will do some damage in that condition of life. So one will actually do damage to his destiny.

So why do damage to our destiny? We can have everything, but we should not damage our destiny. If we just let the immediate circumstances damage our destiny, then we are in maya….we are in illusion – it is foolish, but it is a big thing, to act so intelligent (I am saying intelligence) because in this consideration, we are looking at the ideal, and the balance between, what is realistic…..but within the safe boundaries of what is a favourable destiny – that’s when our four regulative principles begin, and without it:

‘dharmeṇa hīnaḥ paśubhiḥ samānāḥ,’ (Hitopadeśa)

Without the four regulative principles, one is an animal! That is basically the situation. There is a difference between human beings and animals. The animals can do anything and there is no responsibility – there’s no karma…………….We are not happy to see cats doing various activities but they have no karma. They get away with it, but we cannot get away with anything, and that is the situation. So we are not animals, but when we act like animals, then we are not in the same boat as the animals.

Yes, it is interesting how karma differs between different living entities. Different laws for different entities and human beings….and different law for the demigods, and like that different licences are given to living beings in different positions. So within the human form of life (whether we like it or not) there is that responsibility for our activities, and that cannot be avoided!

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