(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Cape Town, SA, 23rd Dec 2011) Lecture – SB 7.14.4

Therefore, with our intelligence, we have to see all these factors. In the 11th Canto of the Srimad Bhagavatam, it is said that there was a sannyasi who used to be a miser in his material life, and as a result his whole family hated him! But he was always lording it over everyone, because he had the money. They had to stay there to get some money, but they never got what they wanted and they suffered. When he became old and weak, then they didn’t care for him anymore.

In the end he took sannyas, and got so many reactions from his karma, and people were just harassed him. It is said, that people would steal his danda. They would joke and laugh at him, while he was chanting. At one point, someone had passed urine upon him, while he was sitting there chanting! It was getting pretty rough, undoubtedly. And then it says in the Bhagavatam:

‘That one should keep himself safe, on spiritual platform, even if beaten, insulted, spat upon or urinated upon. One should make arrangements to keep himself safe on spiritual platform!’

That is the bottom line……………………First of all just hang in there, since what is the point of conquering the world when you cannot even gain control over your life – when your own life is totally out of your hands. You preach, and preach and preach, but what will you preach? Life is a mess? At least we should be safe on the spiritual platform, and like that one must be careful. It’s just like when you get out of the water, and there is a rock going into the sea…any you try to climb out on that rock, but the first few metres of the rock in the sea is all slippery, because of the changing tides, various algae, all kind of things are growing on it, and it’s all wet and so on – well that is the slippery part. So one must be sure – you cannot think:

‘Okay I am now in the water but still on the slippery rock.’

We need to get higher and above that level! Another example, is that if we are pulled out of the water and put onto the ship, but then we are still on a slippery deck! If we stay there, then the waves will come. When you are out there on the ship, then the waves are coming, and you can see how they crash at the beach and how hard they hit the rocks! If you are on the boat and they slam on the deck, and there is a little bit of a wind, and when they come and it is like:


And they wash all the deck, as if it’s a beach. So to stand on the slippery deck is risky, even if there is railings everywhere to hold onto! If it’s bad weather, then you cannot go onto the deck and, if you go there then you have a lifeline – you’re on the line………Therefore we should get off the slippery deck. We should be nicely situated inside. Inside – meaning a spiritual life that contains good elements of support!

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