(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Radhadesh, Belgium, January 2012) Lecture: SB 5.18.9

Once upon a time there was an Iskcon where you judged everyone! One step over the line, then you were off…….two steps over the line and if you stayed there, then you become a demon, and so many other things! We were very judgemental in the past. We had no fear at all to call a spade a spade. I started my service quite soon in management in this movement. In management you always have to judge:

‘Is this right? Or is this wrong?’

So in the old days, we had no fear of telling them straight to their face. Later on we developed a totally different attitude towards management. In these matters of judging people, we used to say:

‘Of course Prabhu, I understand, and it is your inspiration, expression of bhakti that you are cleaning the alter with your toothbrush!’

But maybe it’s not entirely in line with the scriptures. In this way we developed a very psychological approach. A manager had to start learning many techniques. For example, emphatic listening, which is something we never used to do. We never listened to anybody, since we just used to give them big lectures! But then we changed our attitude with them, and we got into emphatic listening, which came straight from psychology…………… We learned all the gestures and went to seminars and got training, and we are doing a lot better these days:

‘No….no Prabhu, it’s not a problem if you can only follow one and half principle, then we understand, and you could still do devotional service. No…no, we won’t condemn you! Just keep on working on it Prabhu. Alright don’t feel bad, but at the end of your life, your time’s up!! And you will be ripped out of your body!! And at that time, my dear friend, you will be judged….and judged like anything! And even that Prabhuji I cannot change. Unfortunately I’m so sorry, but I’ll help you to deal with the shock and the trauma, of this heavy philosophy, and hard reality, so that your learning is improved.’

So in whatever way you want it – I can give it to you straight in your face. Or I can wrap it up for you really nicely, and cushy and so on, but the truth is still the truth! We may not be judgemental, but somebody else is! That’s the issue. Therefore, since we are going to be judged at the end of our life, then there is absolutely no harm in sometimes being judged, but it must be done in a certain way, with love.

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