(H H Kadamba Kanana Swami, Prague, Czech Republic, 15th March 2012) Lecture: CC. Adi-lila 17.22

Make your house a holy place! I once visited someone who had painted all the walls black, and the door blood red! It was intense. If you live in a place like that then what will happen to you? I was wondering that:

‘What would happen to you if you live in a room where everything is black and the doors are red?’

You feel like dressing up as Dracula! So a room has an influence on the consciousness. What goes on your wall goes in your head, as well as in your heart, and it affects your consciousness. Then you have all the hocus pocus, and you have to put the water pot in the north east corner of the room. But that also improves the atmosphere of the house. So living in a house is not just about:

Well, okay I have got to put my shoes somewhere. We need a bed and a table.’

No, the house is a reflection of our consciousness and it also affects our consciousness…If we put all transcendental things in the house then we start to feel transcendental! And not just in our house but also in our life. So in this way we build a spiritual life.

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