(H H Kadamba Kanana Swami, 12th March 2012, New York) Lecture: SB 3.31.45-46

For years I was in Vrindavan, and it was so difficult! If anything happens, then it happens in Vrindavan. At one time I was sitting in my office and I heard some ‘gurgling’ sound coming from the electric socket. So when I looked at the electric socket, I saw that water was squirting out! I mean that’s Vrindavan. Everything material takes about ten, twenty, or fifty times more energy than anywhere else! And when you think that you got it all worked out and then temperature starts melting things and the cold just cracks it, which just makes it all extreme!

So I was just thinking about this – that it’s Krishna’s design to somehow or other pay this price of endeavour. So it is certainly that Krishna is pushing us. He is pushing us! Otherwise we wouldn’t do anything. But to go through this taste barrier is a big question for most of them and that is the crucial point! Once the car goes downhill then no problem, but to push it uphill, then that is the tough part! So we want to make the breakthrough and it comes from following our natural attraction. You can’t just say:

‘Oh, phew that is so much service!’

No we should develop it. We do our duty but it cannot only be our duty, since we can also do something that we really like. And it’s important to make some space to do something that you really like for Krishna…One has to find some devotional service that they actually like and to do that for Krishna. But of course, this is not all that we do, okay so do the needful and so on.

So that is something for us to follow our natural taste and develop it. Its like these pujaris, they love it when they can do some sacrifice, and throw lots of mantras around along with all that hocus pocus!

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