(H H Kadamba Kanana Swami, Prague, Czech Republic, 15th March 2012) Lecture: SB.4.9.6

It’s one thing to hear everything, but how can you actually realise it? So Sanatana Goswami was very much aware of the dilemma of a devotee. We are receiving divya-jnana – transcendental knowledge, but how can you realise it within the heart? That is the lifetime challenge that we are facing!

Time is passing by and still we have not realised this knowledge within the heart, and life itself is testing us! Life itself is bringing all kinds of circumstances. Sometimes unexpected promise of happiness; suddenly everything looks like spring – fresh and very light and effulgent, you never expected it. It came so late in life:

‘Maybe I’ll be happy after all, even if it’s not eternal. But maybe just for a little while.’

Anyway, shortly after that, one comes back to reality – the reality of the material world. One takes birth and cries. One grows old and dies! So like that the material world is not a place where life is so wonderful! Dhruva Maharaja experienced it at a young age but he didn’t have the full realization. The realization that there is no point in trying to create happiness in the material world. Again and again we try:

‘Okay maybe it didn’t work for 27,583 times but maybe it’s going to work on the 27584 time. You never know, it is possible!’

In this way the living being is full of hope. You know that there is no hope! But they are still hoping:

‘No we will be happy!’

It didn’t happen to the neighbours and any of our relatives, but somehow or other it will surely happen to us. I’m sure, and I feel it. So like this we are very inspired!

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