(H.H. Kadamba Kanana Swami, November 2011, Mayapur, Caitanya-caritāmṛta, part 11)

It is said that Brahmananda’s mother came again and was complaining that her sons were bowing down to Prabhupada. Prabhupada said:

‘Yes…yes, I am also bowing down to my spiritual master. That is the standard, that is the way it’s done.’

So Prabhupada never made a big thing of it. She made a big thing:

‘He is always bowing down to you…bowing down to you!’

Then on another occasion Prabhupada asked for a donation. She said:

‘I gave you my two sons… I gave you two sons!’

She was very feisty. So Prabhupada said:

‘Yes, and they are very nice. They have the good qualities of their mother!’

Prabhupada was like that – he was an expert. I think he may have even said that the son takes out the good qualities of his mother. Giriraj’s mother was also dealt with very expertly. She also came to Bombay and they wanted him to return back to America. So they were making a big thing about his health:

‘We are very concerned about his health, and here in India he is not used to this climate. He has never been so skinny in his life! Just as a mother I am really concerned. Do you know what I mean? On the contrary of this, please let him come back to America.’

Prabhupada didn’t respond, and then a little while later he had some sweets brought out, some sandesh, and he gave it to her. So he said:

‘Please…please take.’

And she took it, and Prabhupada asked:

‘Is it tasty?’

She said:

‘Oh yes, very tasty.’

Prabhupada said:

‘Yes, it’s very tasty and it’s also very healthy. It’s full of protein and I will make sure that everyday your son gets these sweets and in that way he will stay very healthy!’

So there is so much to do in these guru-disciple relationships. So it’s a living relationship. Unlike the fundamentalists who take in the words and see these words as immovable, it’s a living relationship – it’s a living person, there are two living persons involved – the guru and disciple… and there is a relationship. Prabhupada was very much working with these relationships!

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