(H H Kadamba Kanana Swami, Prague, Czech Republic, 15th March 2012) Lecture: CC. Adi-lila 17.22

We have to first strengthen our own life, and then when we are dealing with the world we can think of different ways to build bridges for people. If you walk in these sannyas clothing, through a small village then people sometimes are so shocked that they act as thought they don’t see you, because it’s too shocking for them to deal with something like this is in the village. So that happens sometimes.

Therefore we can adjust a little bit to people, if we want to introduce them to Krishna Consciousness, and we could give them some goulash, alcohol free beer, decaf coffee, and some cigars without nicotine. That’s good for people who are new, but for us it’s not so good.

So one has to know the limits. One has to know that in our own life everything should be connected with Krishna so that it can give us strength!

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