(H H Kadamba Kanana Swami, Prague, Czech Republic, 15th March 2012) Lecture: CC. Adi-lila 17.22

Krishna is always having picnics with the cowherd boys and so on. Krishna’s mother is always worried that Krishna is not satisfied. They give Him the best. Everyday He gets the best of the best! Then He goes and eats with the neighbours. For Krishna He takes breakfast in the morning at home and then it stays breakfast time since He also takes breakfast at the other homes. After that He goes stealing for yoghurt from other peoples’ houses and gives feeds it to the monkeys. Then they ask:

‘Why are you giving it to the monkeys?’

He said:

They did so much service for Me in My last life.’

When He was Rama, then the monkeys were helping Him. So in this way Krishna spends the whole day eating. So some people say to Nanda Maharaja:

Oh you have such a wonderful son!’

Nanda Maharaja said:

‘What do you mean? He is a problem Child! Very lusty! He eats all the time!’

And His mother is trying to give Him the best! She has special cows who eat special grass, so they give milk that is special, and from this special milk she makes special sweets! And still it’s never enough. So that’s Krishna, He can eat unlimited and His associates also!

Krishna and the cowherd boys just eat and eat. No problem, it’s never a problem. Madhumangal – He can eat one million ladhus!

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