(H H Kadamba Kanana Swami, Nove Sady, Czech Republic, 14th March 2012) Lecture: SB 11.5.32

Everyone has to control the mind. When you walk into a shop and the mind says:

‘Put it in your pocket.’

But the intelligence says:


This is called controlling of the mind. So the control of the mind happens all of the time. Sometimes you have to bite your tongue, since you can’t say everything you want. So sometimes one has to smile when he doesn’t want to smile. So everyone is practising to control the mind. For those who cannot control their mind, then they have to be put into hospitals! But there is one thing that controls the mind automatically, like there is a child, and the mind of the mother’s is automatically controlled by the child. You don’t have to tell them to control your mind and think of your child, since they automatically think of the child.

One thing that controls the mind is that when we do it out of love then that controls the mind, because parents love their children and children automatically control the mind. So the idea is in the process of bhakti-yoga, where we are discovering the wonderful qualities of Krishna, and then automatically we begin to realise that Krishna is wonderful. Then one day we say:

‘I just love Krishna, I really do!’

Then the mind is automatically controlled. So this is a nice thing, about controlling the mind in Krishna Consciousness! Especially in the beginning one cannot be so spontaneous since one has attachments to them things, so then you have to control the mind and the senses just by intelligence. But that is not a very strong position, because some days you feel like:

‘I can’t always live like this. Sometimes I have to just be spontaneous.’

Therefore in the beginning we control the mind based on higher knowledge, but later on the mind becomes controlled by attraction to Krishna and that is even better! And once you become attracted to Krishna then you can become spontaneous!

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