Everything goes in life.
It is amazing – If I look now at my life: So many things came, so many things went. I’ve lived in so many countries. I’ve had so many relationships with so many people. I’ve had so many possessions – so many things I’ve had over the years!
All gone… All gone! People gone, places gone, possessions gone…

But one thing is still here: My beads. The Holy Name, still here, still chanting. So nice, something constant amidst all the chaos. What a relieve that the chanting is there.

I am not great like Rupa Goswami with millions of tongues and millions of ears but I feel relieve that the chanting is still there. That’s the one thing that’s been there every day.

Shelter. Relieve. My anchor. My sanity. My hope – the one thing I can hold on to:

The Holy Name.

(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, 11th March 2012, New York)

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