(H H Kadamba Kanana Swami, Prague, Czech Republic, 18th March 2012) Lecture: BG 18.64

Yogis can do amazing things! There is a stage where the in-going breath and the out-going breath can enter into a stage of equilibrium. This stage of equilibrium is called kumbhaka, and at that point the yogi can stop breathing and continue to live:

‘I have seen with my own eyes – the yogi with his head dug into the sand!’

So there were three possibilities:

1) He had an oxygen bottle underground.
2) He was dead.
3) He really could do kumbhaka, because he was still standing this appeared to be the case.

‘I have seen brother! I have seen with my own two eyes!’

So, yes yogis can do amazing things. Yogis can travel on rays of light! But then again it’s also not extraordinary as to what yogis can do. Prabhupada said that:

‘Actually frogs can also bring their breath into equilibrium, and in this way they can stay on the water for a very long time!’

Not that I’m saying that yogis are frogs, but it is not so extraordinary, because no matter how great the power is of any human being, it is nothing in front of the Supreme Lord!

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