Kadamba Kanana Maharaja returned to Europe on Friday (20 April). His first stop was at Munich temple where he spoke at an evening program. Unfortunately, there are no pictures available of that event.

From Munich, he travelled to Switzerland on Saturday. First, he attended the weekly Saturday feast in Langenthal temple (about 90 minutes away from Zurich). Maharaja led a rocking kirtana that completely transcended the Swiss mood of calmness and tranquillity. In the lecture that followed, he focused on Krsna as the ultimate Supreme Lord. After the program, Maharaja proceeded to the Zurich temple.

The next morning, instead of the usual Srimad Bhagavatam class, Maharaja gave initiation to an elderly French-speaking Swiss devotee. In the initiation lecture, Maharaja gave him some valuable instructions where he emphasized that we should regularly, or better still daily, read Srimad Bhagavatam. Maharaja gave him the name Nanda Gopa Dasa.

Later that day, he gave the Sunday class where 20 students, who are engaged in religious studies, attended. Maharaja spoke on how our material identity is created by our identification with various objects in the world, for e.g. our diplomas and degrees, the clothes we wear, the families we descend from and so on. Eventually one has to transcend these wrong identifications or “upadhis” to be successful in our spiritual quest.

On Monday (23 April), Maharaja left the Zurich temple to visit the home of one of his dear disciples, Kesava Madhava Das. He stayed until his departure on Wednesday noon. During that time, he took walks in the Swiss mountains and even went uphill in a cable car. On Tuesday night, there was a program at Kesava Prabhu’s home. Maharaja led bhajanas and presented a lecture that could be entitled “all over the universe”. After the program, while devotees relished pizza-prasadam, Maharaja started a BB Govinda Maharaja tune which developed into a second sweet kirtana and gave a nice finish to the program.

Maharaja arrived in Radhadesh (Belgium) last night. Many of the disciples have arrived already in anticipation of the official Vyasa Puja celebration which will take place on Sunday, 29 April. It promises to be an exciting weekend ahead with the Queensday Harinama to follow on Monday. Stay tuned for all the nectar.

But for now, enjoy these pictures!

If you cannot view the slide show, just visit flickr!

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