(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Durban South Africa, 4th April 2012) Lecture: Cc Madhya-lila 12-133

The more we are trying to make offerings for the pleasure of Krishna then the more the atmosphere becomes surcharged with ecstasy! One cannot order an ecstatic kirtan. Sometimes the devotees would be asked to perform on television, and then the producers wanted ecstasy. They tried to force them to dance in ecstasy, but ecstasy is not something one can force, or one can act out. Rather, it comes when Krishna is very nicely taken care of!

When we are serving, then Krishna is pleased. The devotees are going out of their way by trying to make an offering to Krishna. So Ratha Yatra is that, since it is a huge offering for the pleasure of Lord Jagannath and everyone is partaking in that, and all our contributions are for that purpose!

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