(Kadamba Kanana Maharaja, 7 April 2012, Durban, SA)

When Krsna gives us austerity by taking things away, it is Krsna’s arrangement to make us stronger. So Krsna tests us to give us the strength. The suffering in this world is in the design. Why is there suffering in the world? It is exactly for that purpose- to force us to become stronger and we can grow. When Krsna takes things away, we should not think that, ‘oh, now He is punishing me! Oh, now I’m being tested! Oh, why do I have to go through all these difficulties?’ No, we should think that Krsna wants me to grow and He’s forcing me to go through these difficulties but it would make me stronger. So actually the struggle in this world is Krsna’s blessing upon us. If there was no suffering in this world, imagine what it would be like…it would just be a little empty. No suffering but just a little empty because there would be no spiritual ecstasy. Maybe we would feel comfortable but then we will feel bored and empty and we wouldn’t feel so motivated. But when we suffer, then we have to do something about it. So the suffering is an impetus to give us strength and as we are working on a solution, we gain strength and with that strength we come up. That is what Krsna wants from us; Krsna doesn’t want us cheaply but Krsna wants us with quality. And therefore Krsna gives us tests so that we can grow. So that’s His blessing…

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